Grape Ass Ape


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Yo Yo Yo, This is the lyrics page. It is so damn time consuming to write this shit down, so please enjoy. ( or else )

My Baby's a Hank
Verse 1:
Yo, my girl's a black beauty
A real Alister Crowley cutie
She's got black lipstick, and a real nice booty
I love her spikes, dig the chains
I love the way she wants to blow out my brains
But I can't help wonderin' what if,
She finds out I'm a god fearing baptist?
She's goth, she's a hank, she's mine
She's a punk, she's a skank, she's fine
Verse 2:
She's dark like Jim Crow, but loves Kurt Cobain
Her sexy self-inflicted scars drive me insane
She's a manic depressive with the psycho drama
I think she gets it from too much Nirvana
Complete state of bliss
With her I feel like the Dhali Llama
She's got bangles with arm fishnets
Is that new Marilyn Manson album out yet?
She's Goth, she's a hank, she's mine
She's a punk, she's a skank, she's fine
Verse 3:
Well the darkness has lifted and now it's dawn
What I mean is now my hank girl is gone
She took a hike and never said good-bye
She took my T.V and made me cry
It was never meant to be, who am I playin'?
I guess I'll stretch this rhyme and next time go Asian...
She's goth, she's a hank, she's mine
She's a punk, she's a skank, she'a fine

Grape Ass Ape
Verse 1:
I'm the grape ass ape, my rhymin' is great
Ya listen to my song as ya masturbate
Rockin' and rollin', my money got stolen
By the ho who's hole I put my pole in
Diseased and rotten, praise the teeth I've gotten
But I'd trade the rest in for some oxycotton
Gross and crude, so damn rude
Smokin' weed the cops I seem to alude
Verse 2:
I went to jail, Yo, I had to pay bail
Picked up the soap, that's when I got the rail
Tossin' salad with jelly or butter
My favorite ass-treat is fluffenutter
I don't care if you're a man or a chick
I just need a place to chaef my dick
I'm the great monkey master, rappin' bout disaster
Ya better watch out, my rhyme is goin' faster
Verse 3:
I'm the Grape Ass Ape, my cock's your fate
Spread my love butter all over your face
I gotta bigger flesh bannana then any mamma-jamma
I'll pound a nail to your board with my big meat hammer
All the girlies in the club on ecstacy
I do a little dance to take 'em home with me
Then I drop 'em at the clinic for their S.T.D's
Ya better watch out for blood in your pee
Verse 4:
Yo, green is for the money, and gold is for the honey
Got more girls under my covers than the playboy bunny
The meat curtains I seek don't have to be sleek
They can fall about all loose and weak
Got a King Kong dong, swingin' two feet long
Girls affixiate on the end of my shlong
I'm a grape ass monkey, feelin' real funky
Down at the thrift store with the cocaine junkie
Verse 5:
I'm the grape ass gorilla, the one thrilla'
Know to the girlies as the virgin killa'
I've gotten more spreads then butter on toast
Cuz I got the green, I don't mean to boast
I once was poor, now I'm livin' large
I got ten shofars to drive two cars
Cuz I'm the Grape Ass Ape, I love to rape
And I just made it legal in all fifty states...

Verse 1:
Yo, this is the plan to stop the man
We'll crank this shit with a hip-hop jam
When I'm rockin on the mic just let me be
All the ladies in the club wanna dance with me
I'll gag your chick with my giant dick
Just the tip of my meat will make her sick
Got thumbs for toes, and hands for feet
Dancin' with sickness is my spangly meat
Verse 2:
Yoor wedding ring don't mean a thing
The girls call me sire cuz I am the king
I live a hard life, I beat your wife
stab that bitch with O.J's knife
I'm lovin, I'm givin', you're takin', you're recievin'
When you find out what you got, you'll be grievin'
You put out when put on the spot
I never mentioned I had crotch rot?
Got thumbs for toes, and hands for feet
Infect all the ladies with my spangly meat
Verse 3:
My lefty hits first, the with a sudden burst
Blow my load now you got the curse
Peepin' like Tom, while you're in the tub
I saw that spot you forgot to scrub
My best girls' lips were brown and stinky
So I traded her up for a brand new pinky
Yo, I'm the Grape Ass Ape, ya gotta love me
But don't tie me down, I gotta be free
Laugh like Sweeney while your throat is splittin'
Cuttin' your throat will stop your bitchin'
I do the best surgery in my kitchen
And just think you only came over to have me sign a petition...

You Is a Ho
Verse 1:
Yo, honey listen up, don't let your attention stray
I know somethin's up cuz I can smell tuna a mile away
Tell me the truth, baby, no more lies
How many other people dive in you thighs?
I ain't sayin you're cheatin but you must understand
Ya do the nasty in a day more than you can count with one hand
You Is A Ho
Why ya gotta say that too me?
But you Is A Ho
But I ain't got a V.D
You Is A Ho
Why ya gotta be like that?
But You Is A Ho
Cuz my Punani looks like a inside out rat?
Verse 2:
Lemme just say I can tell ya have a lot of men
Your vag couldn't be tight even if you did kegels like a super friend
You go go to "Walmart" for a late night sales
I'm chokin my chicken here while you're out gettin' slammed
I loved you until the minute you opened your mouth
After that you made all ex-slaves want to go south
You Is A Ho
Why Ya gotta say that to me?
But You Is A Ho
Cuz I got every know S.T.D?
You Is A Ho
Why Ya Gotta Be Dissin'?
But you Is A Ho
Cuz I Spent A Week At "Lesbian Comission"?

Imp The Dimp
Verse 1:
In the morning I wake up next to my slut
Brush my teeth, take a piss and leave the seat up
This life just can't go on but I know it will
Cuz I won't give in until I get my fill
Tmp, imp, imp, imp, imp
Imp, imp, imp, imp the dimp
Verse 2:
Now I'm at the job moochin' off the family
The pay isn't good but nothin else is more manly
Thriller jacket on the street, dancin for bruthas
Yellow jumpsuit, I'm bruce Lee brother
Imp, imp, imp, imp, imp
Imp, imp, imp, imp the dimp

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Grape Ass Ape, or Ape(s) are not real apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys r an other primate or mammal ( except human ). Grape Ass Ape doesn't give two sweet fucks if he has offende you, your race, or your gender. If he has why don't you shove your head directly up your ass and then please kill yourself.