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Grape Ass Ape : Crap, includes these songs:
  - Grape Ass Ape ( Remix )
  - Nasser Zanadoot Tsam
  - Spangly Meat
  - Grape Ass Ape
  - Rusty
  - My Baby's a Hank
  - You Is a Ho ( But )
  - Raped Ape
  - Imp the Dimp

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Grape Ass Ape, or Ape(s) are not real apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys r an other primate or mammal ( except human ). Grape Ass Ape doesn't give two sweet fucks if he has offende you, your race, or your gender. If he has why don't you shove your head directly up your ass and then please kill yourself.