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Yo, sluts!
Welcome to the Jungle. This is the Official Grape Ass Ape website. if anyone else should steal our songs, or lyrics and use them as their own, i'll hunt you down, blind your mother, rape your lover, and use your entrails as a god-damned jump rope...peace.
                                                - Imp the Dimp

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We hope all you that may be fans are enjoying the site. Our first album Crap will hopefuly be released by the time you view this site. You will be able to listen to the songs from the record soon. For now why don't you browse the photos or look at the lyrics, maybe buy the record so you can listen to it anytime you want?

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Grape Ass Ape, or Ape(s) are not real apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys r an other primate or mammal ( except human ). Grape Ass Ape doesn't give two sweet fucks if he has offende you, your race, or your gender. If he has why don't you shove your head directly up your ass and then please kill yourself.