Backslide ( Moonwalk )

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Backslide ( Moonwalk )

The most famous dance move of Michael Jackson where you appear to be walking forward and backward at the same time.


1. Stand shoulder width apart. Place the heel of your left foot in line with the toe of your right.
2. Stand on your tip toe with your right foot. Place all your weight on this ( right ) foot.
3. Now slide your left fot across or jst above, the floor until it reaches a good distance beyond the heel of your right foot.
    Note : The further you glide your foot back the better. Make sure it is comfortable though, you don't want to lose balance.
4. The transition of weight is the most important part of the backslide. If you glide your foot far enough back it makes it look smoother.As you glide your left foot back, when it's behind you raise your left heel while simultaneously putting all your weight on it, and loweryour right heel.
5. After this repeat, but with sliding your right foot back instead.

The Backslide takes a lt of practce, don't get discouraged and don't give up. It helps a lot to move your uper body in a comfortable way as if walking while doing it.This also makes the illusion a whole lot better. Ex. hands in pockets, bobbing head, moving arms, etc.