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Various Moves
Motion Moves

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One Leg Slide

Moving to the right. You only support on your left leg. Put your right one behind of you (or behind your left leg, but it's on the ground). Then by turning your left heel to the right, slide your left right leg from behind to in front of you. Now by moving your toes of your left leg to the right, move your right leg from in front to behind of you.
And then u start all over again. And so on and so on and so on...

- Keep your right leg straight when it slides.
- When your right leg goes to in front of you behind of you, lift it off the ground. Then it looks better.
- Toes of your (straight) right leg should face the south east. If the south would be in front of you.

The Clamp

put your hands together,palm to palm,but with your wrists crossed.When you do this,the back of your right hand is facing to the left, and the back of your left hand is facing to the right.You can then put your Clamp above your head and do a lower body movment, or a head, neck and shoulder movment.When doing the Clamp,good form is very important or it looks sloppy.

The way Breakdancers get into the Clamp is like this:You put your arms floded in front of your chest,and you quickly rotate one arm around the other, and then you go into the Clamp.You can also turn your Clamp,so that your fingers are facing your chest.

The Heartbeat

All you do for the heartbeat is stick out your chest and push it back down with your hand. The important thing here is the rythm you use. You can also do this move to yourown heartbeat.

1. When you stick out your chest,do so in two small movments,instead of one large movment,to represent the "boom-boom" of your heart.Step forward.

2. Push your chest back down duringthe time your heartrests.

It's that simple. I have also heard of a variation of this move when you put one hand in your shirt (and have that sleeve dangling), and use your free hand to hold the sleeve and pull on it. When you pull down on it, push your hand (that is inside your shirt, touching your heart) out.

Step forward. When you put your "free" hand to stomach level (or wherever it was befor) put your "heart" hand back to it's original place (back to your heart). So which everworks for you (try both).

Backslide In Place

Put all your weight on your right leg. Raise it on its toes. Now, slide your left foot back as if you were about to backslide. When you get ALL the way back, snap or kick your foot forwards and bring it to the start position. Transfer all your weight to your left leg now. After this, slide your right foot back. DO NOT kick this one forward, instead SLIDE it forward next to your stationary foot.

Circleslide or Boxslide

Start with both feet shoulder width apart. Put your weight on your left leg ( the foot with weight on it should be on it's toes ). Slide your right foot about 7+ inches FORWARD. At this point turn LEFT and transfer weight to your right foot. Slide your left foot BACKWARDS as you turn left.Put your weight on your left leg. Slide your right foot about 7+ inches FORWARD. At this point turn LEFT and transfer weight to your right foot. Slide your left foot BACKWARDS as you turn left.Now you should have slid in a square or box.

The Lean

This is another popular Mine trick. It gives the illusion that u r leaning against something that isn't there, like an invisible piano for example.

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