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Realm of the Khan
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Backslide ( Moonwalk )

I'm a kung-fu, hippie from gangster city, I'm a rappin' moonwalker, you're the fool I pity! 

Yo, check it out, I'm sixteen about six feet tall, and usually blonde. ( I dye my hair black ) I like Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee ( a motley crew know...) , and I practice Jeet Kune Do, and Michael Jackson Dance Moves.

I originally grew up in Derry, NH and went to Pinkerton Academy. I spend a lot of time in the Boston area with my father too. Now I live in Bow, NH ( I should poson myself with bleach ) but at least I don't have a cave-man hair-do like the rest of these clowns...

Chatting to my fans

Lance Hansome Himself!

Yeah, so I'm into Martial Arts, and Dancing basically. Dancing, I find a tad more useful because it can be used in a good way to entertain, and not smack the shit out of people. Although that can be one hell of a stress reliever.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Enter the Dragon, Dawn of the Dead, Return of the Dragon

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Michael Jackson, Sublime, Beatles, Aquabats