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Backslide ( Moonwalk )

The Sideslide is the sideways version of the backslide, I have foud three different ways to do it :

Step and Slide :
 1. Start with feet shoulder width apart. Put all your weight on your left foot without moving legs or feet.
 2.Slide your right foot to the left with toes pointing right. Bring it so it is in front of your left foot.
 3.Slide your right foot to the right on it's heel until feet are shoulder width apart.
 1.Stand with feet shoulder width apart, toes forward.Turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right while raising it's heel and putting all your weight on it.
 2.Turn your left foot 90 degrees to the left and glide it about seven inches or so then rapidly turn it inwards ( to right ).
3.Shift all your weight on to your left foot and glide your right foot ( still facing right ) towards your left.
Jerky Style:
 1.Start sholder width apart. Put all weight on your left leg. Turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right.
 2.Slide your right foot( facing right ) to the left and behind your left leg. Quickly transfer weight on to the right leg and slide out your left foot facing left about seven inches.
 3.Twist your left foot to the right and transfer weight to it, slide your right foot in so you areeither starting again or are shoulder widh apart.

As with all slides/glides transfering weight mustbe smooth and fast, thismakes the illusion much better. Once you are ready try poppin 'n lockin while doing either the sidewalk or the jerky style.