Grape Ass Ape
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Our Mission
We at GAA productions wish to stress that we are trying to take over the world.We will put subliminal messages in friendly lyrics such as, "I don't care if your man or chick, I just need a place to chaef my dick".

We love evryone that takes the time to listen to our music, and if you listen to our music, please do your part by taking everything we say ultra-literally and kill, rape, and plunder like you're a damn mongolian pirate lord. 

Our History

Our company has been taking our penises on exciting adventures for several years. We understand the history of the vagina and we want to share it with our guests.

This year we were honored to be awarded the "Best Recreation Company" in New England by THROB Magazine.

Grape Ass Ape, or Ape(s) are not real apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys r an other primate or mammal ( except human ). Grape Ass Ape doesn't give two sweet fucks if he has offende you, your race, or your gender. If he has why don't you shove your head directly up your ass and then please kill yourself.