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This is the "news' section...This is where I'll post irrelevent crap that no one wants to know but, every website needs to show.

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Grape Ass Ape

Special Low Rate:

* Per Person:


* 2 Spaces Left


Hey Everbody, how ya all doin'? Super!! Now that's enough of that..well all that happened this month is the site was published. Check out the lyrics because we're lazy fuck offs and need to finish the album.

Spots are running out. Contact us as soon as possible to book this great adventure:

Our Recreation Company
Any Street
Anytown, US 01234

Phone: (800) 555-5555 ( pst, it's a fake number..)

Grape Ass Ape, or Ape(s) are not real apes, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys r an other primate or mammal ( except human ). Grape Ass Ape doesn't give two sweet fucks if he has offende you, your race, or your gender. If he has why don't you shove your head directly up your ass and then please kill yourself.