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This is a method of dancing that makes it look like waves are traveling through your body, or that your are a jerky robot, or you are a puppet. This form of dance comes from mime and it's really amazing to watch a good popper. A good popper is a sight indeed. Most poppers wear white gloves while they pop to enhance the illusion.

Important thing to remember is that you must control your shoulder. The shoulder must remain nuetral until the "wave" passes through it. Only then do you raise it. It's difficult because your instinct is to raise it right away.

Get some books on mine, go to your local library dig up that library card thats been sitting in a pile of unused underwear and get a video or book on mime. One very good way to learn is listen to popping music, which is anything that sounds like its being sung by a robot, and then do what comes natural, pretend your a robot, or that you have energy traveling through you.

Good poppers are also good taunters, you can taunt people during a battle really nicley by poppin. You need to be able to isolate diffrent parts of your body, and have good flexibility as well as rythmn and knowledge of illusions. Like you should be able to understand exactly why a moonwalk looks the way it does, or why a mime that looks like hes trapped inside a box looks so convincing. Once you learn things like that you'll be able to create your own illusions and dominate the dance floor, because there are few good poppers out there.

Some types of popping:

Creating the illusion that there is a wave travleing through you, this type of popping looks smooth and makes it appear you are very elasticy. One way to try this is by creating waves that travel from shooulder to shoulder, but that dont go through your neck, in other words the wave starts at your left shoulder, hits your rightshoulder, then goes back the same way it came. Both your hands are almost touching, and this is the 'bridge' your fingers should not touch but almost touch, if they touch this creates a look of jaggedness, and you dont want that you want smoothness.

Robotic popping, this is the most common type, this is much more jagged, and the foundation is in the creation of movements that are completley unatural, movemenets that normal human beings dont do on a day to day basis. You should for example, if your head is turned to the left, keep it looking at the left for a while until 'something' moves it to another direction, perhaps your moved your hand up a bit, and if you move your head up at the same time your hand does, it creates an intresting effect. You dont have to walk like a robot, you can slide and glide across the floor as you please.

Floor popping, or popping while laying on the ground or kneeling or just basicly with whole lot of you touching the ground.

Object-oriented popping, or popping with the illusion that you are controlling an invisible object, often a globe or square, and you set it to rest in midair, and then after popping a bit return to the object and play with it. A common theme is when the popper 'eats' the object and the recurring effects of eating invisible objects.


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