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imp the Dimp, presents: Popping 'n Locking for Retards!

Yo whussup. This site is all about learning, practicing, study Popping 'n Locking. I think it is a really pimp dance style, and it has many various techniques. The descriptions of these moves have either been written by myself or compiled from other sites and I only use them to teach. ( I don't know what else I could do with them...)But, I hope you enjoy the site and I will be adding visuals as soon as I possibly can. Peace.  -Imp the Dimp

The Story of Imp the Dimp: One day I was visiting my bro down in Sullivan Square, Boston MA. While he and his room-mate were killin' themselves tryin' to skate on a Baby Skateboard, a Brutha' came up to me. We briefly talked, then my brother joined in. He told me to show the brutha some moves, and I did. Afterwards the brutha was shocked by my skill and told my bro, Mat, to call me Imp the Dimp. Mat said, 'Imp the Dimp?". "Yeah, Imp the Dimp, the Ladies Pimp.",said the brutha. He then told me about how those moves would get me some action, followed by a 2-hour explaination of pimping. And that's why I am Imp the Dimp....

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Imp the Dimp the Ladies Pimp