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Vibrating is quite easy. It's just two simple little steps.

Just for an example. Hold your arm up at a 90 degree angle. Now just flex your muscle as hard as you can. While flexing it.. start shaking it slightly back and forth. It should start moving real fast, like it's vibrating.

Now... for your body, it's mostly in the legs. Tense your leg muscles hard... and it might sound a lil' crazy, but squeeze your buttcheeks. And start shaking back and forth slightly, and keep tensing those muscles hard. it should make your upper body start vibrating.

Keep on doing that, and try to do it harder, and you're vibrations will be wild. Try to move around a lil' when you do it. It takes a little concentration to move while vibrating. But you'll get it after a little practise. Remember to mixed it in some moves.

The SlowMo

This dance move gives the illusion that you are doing everything just like those 'Slow Motion Replays' that you see in Sports Programmes on Television. Often the dancer imitates walking on the Moon with this style.

The Heartbeat

All you do for the heartbeat is stick out your chest and push it back down with your hand. The important thing here is the rythm you use. You can also do this move to yourown heartbeat.

1. When you stick out your chest,do so in two small movments,instead of one large movment,to represent the "boom-boom" of your heart.Step forward.

2. Push your chest back down duringthe time your heartrests.

It's that simple. I have also heard of a variation of this move when you put one hand in your shirt (and have that sleeve dangling), and use your free hand to hold the sleeve and pull on it. When you pull down on it, push your hand (that is inside your shirt, touching your heart) out.

Step forward. When you put your "free" hand to stomach level (or wherever it was befor) put your "heart" hand back to it's original place (back to your heart). So which everworks for you (try both).


Makes it appear as if seisures are passing through your body from one point to another. Done by tensing and loosening muscles.

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