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The Mannequin

This is a mechanical dance style that goes back a long way - It imitates the movement that a showroom dummy might make if it could come to life.

One style will give a Puppet or disjointed rolling movement, as if perhaps the dancer were connected by strings, or being moved by another person. You may have seen mimes do skits on the 'Thunderbirds' puppet TV show, using this technique. The classic puppet walk, is to move the same arm and leg forward as you step, rather than the opposite arm and leg, as would normally happen.

The Toe/Heel walk

This move is always done with the Mannequin dance style and is another great way of travelling around the dance floor. It involves moving sideways by spinning on the toes of one foot, and the heel of the other, and then transferring your weight onto the opposite heel and toe, and continuing. It is best done very smoothly, and makes it look like you are gliding sideways across the floor.

Robot (Robotics)

The other style is that of a Robot, often termed 'Robotics' in the UK - This involves moving your limbs at constant speed from one position to the other, ending up with a snap or 'Tick' of the body, just as a mechanical device would. Usually only one part of your body moves at a time, which makes it look as if you are under the control of a program, and systematically doing the moves.

The Tick

This move is used in the Robot dance style, and is a big part of almost any Electric Boogie dance. The move gives the illusion that parts of the body are mechanical in nature and stop or start moving with a shake, accomplished by tensing the muscles in the body. French Mimes call this a 'Clique' or 'Toque', which can be accomplished with or without a shake.

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