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Motion Moves

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Smurf Walk

1. Stand up straight,shrugging your shoulders slightly.
2. Jump up slightly, lunging to the left. Bend your left knee and extend the right leg. Cross your right hands to the left of your body.
3. Then jump back to the center position, and prepare to repeat the first step to the right.
4. Now jump to the right extending the left leg.
5. The trick is to keep bouncing around, there is no right way to do it. Just have fun!

Robot Walk

The Robot walk makes it look like the popper is glitching out as if they were in a video game. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your right foot as if you were going to step, but lock once your heel is raised. Quickly Finish the step and repeat with the opposite foot.

This move works well if you do Robotics with your upper-body while walking. It is also a good move to slide into the Backslide with.

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