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first, start with your feet next to each other

next, on one foot (left), stand on your toes

put all of your weight on the toes of that foot

next, draw back the other foot (right) until you cant draw it back anymore, keeping the sole of your right foot FLAT on the floor

when your right sole of your right foot (duh) begins to naturally come off of the floor because you have it faaar back, ....

make your left foot, which was on its toes, flat on the ground, and then make sure your right foot is now on its toes...transfer your weight to the toes on the right foot... this must be done as SMOOTH as possible to make it look good

now, begin to draw back your left foot back, FLAT ON THE GROUND, past your right foot, which should still be on its toes...

keep sliding your left foot until it's sole begins to come of the ground..

now you're back at step one again! woo-hoo! Just keep repeating until you get sick of it....just dont do it too much or else you look wack...

this move is mostly messed up because instead of sliding the FLAT foot, peeps slide back the RAISED foot (on toes...)

It took me a while to get it down, and i watched michaell jackson do it a billion times before i got it down

remember, this move shouldn't be done alone, rather, it should be done as a transition move or as a way of entering/leaving the battle ring....

Side Slide

*note, this should NOT be done should be done either as an enter/exit move or as a transition to get around...doing it alone makes it look less impressive, and you would look like a wack popper if u did..

alright, first, put your feet together, pointing straight ahead

make sure you have some room on your right, because that is where u are gonna be traveling :)

now, put the tip of your left foot on the floor, with your foot AND knee pointing slightly to the left...all of your weight should be on your left toes...sound like moonwalk?

now, with all your weight on the left foot, slike your right foot to the right, with the sole of your foot FLAT ON THE GROUND...make sure that as you are sliding that foot, the right foot and knee are pointing slightly inward

now for the transition...put your whole left foot on the floor as your right foot naturally begins to come off of the your left foot goes onto the floor, put all of your weight onto your right toes

slide the left foot FLAT ON THE GROUND towards your right, making sure that your left leg and foot point inward..when your left foot makes it to your right, turn the left foot so it faces straight ahead

for the second transition...lower the heel of the right foot so the sole is flat on the ground, while raising the heel of the left foot, putting all of your weight on the toes of the left foot...

make sure your left foot and knee are pointing to the left, and go back to step 1 and repeat!

now, thats it for the slideglide. this is a badass move, and once you get it down, you can glide anywhere. believe me, practice is what makes this move, and i know it sounds wack, but if u practice it enuff, you will get it. trust me.

give it about a couple of days of TRUE practice, and you will see the choppiness go away, and it will start to look smooth.

Forward Slide (Bicycle)

1. Let your hands hold the make-believe handlebars of your make-believe bicycle.
2.Your right leg is in front of your left leg.Right heel lifted.Left foot flat.
3.Flatten your right foot and lift your left heel.
4.Slide your left foot forward in front of your right foot, and flatten it.
5.Lift your right heel at the same time.
6.Slide your right foot forward in front of your left foot.
7.Flatten your right foot and lift your left heel.
8.Repeat this leg and foot movment switching left and right.

Forward Slide (Strut)

Quite honestly, I don't know of any actual glide in the forward direction...I've never seen glides done ('cept for michael jackson and that one guy...gusher? musher? flusher? oh ya...usher) But there are TONS of ways to get across the dancefloor in the forward direction! I stumbled upon this little quick step which I'll explain right now...

Its kind of a strut, for lack of a better word...put both feet flat on the ground next to each, raise your right (or left) foot on its toes, but not like you are gonna flow into a backslide...i mean on your TOES, so that the tip tip of your shoe is touching the ground... Now, this is the HARD part to explain...take a short, SMALL jump with both feet in the forwards direction...and i do mean SMALL...while you are in the air for like half a millisecond, slam your right foot flat on the ground and raise your left foot up on its TOES....

keep repeating that step and you begin to move forward...if you get it down SHARP, hitting ever step as hard as you can while doing something with your arms it looks tighter than it serious... You can always 'pull' yourself forward, like the mimes do...just act like there's walls n' stuff all around you and you can end up pushing and pulling your self anywhere on the dancefloor...of course, if you got the skills in the puppet area you can always act as if you are being guided by someone else in the forward direction...

But as for actual GLIDING forward, all I can say is that it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS in the relation of your feet and which one is up and which one is down...the golden rule is to remember that whatever foot you are moving/sliding has to remain flat on the ground, and the stationary foot which has all of your weight on it is on its toes....if you wanna go forward, slide a flat foot forward but at an angle so its more like diagonally...just keep pushing and pulling like that and you'll see that it works

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