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Isolation is very important in this move! (as in all popping) Keep all parts of the body that aren't moving VERY STILL.

Step 1- Stand up straight, looking forward. Turn your head to one side, and stop.
Step 2- Turn your shoulders and arms to the same side, and stop.
Step 3 (Optional)- Turn your hips, and stop.
Step 4- turn the rest of your body (legs and feet). You should now be facing 90 degrees from where you started.

Make your own variations and be creative.

Robotic Turn

The Robotic Turn is a move that is much more jagged than the Twist-o-Flex. You can do this move by simply turning your head to the side. After about a moment (because a moment is definitly a measure of time :P ) you turn the rest of your body on your heels to face the direction of your head.

Other Turns


The Twist-O-Flex is a great way to turn around, but you don't want to be using the same thing over and over again right? These turns are the same idea behind the Twist-O-Flex but probably were done first, and the Twist... was made after. (not fact, just a guess).

If your gonna turn keep your whole body still, and only turn your head first, then let your body follow. Or let your body lead and your head follow. What I mean is, turn your head to say your right(keep your body still and in place. The only thing turned is your head), then turn your body to where your head is pointing-right-and keep yoru head still now.

This also applies if you turn your body first and then your head. But switch them. Say were going to the left with the body turn. Turn your whole body to the left(keeping your head still facing forward), then turn your head to where if "meets" your body-left-(and keep your body in it's position. These are called head turns(turn leading your head), and body turns(turn leading your body). They can lead left or right. It doesn't matter.

And of course, variations can be developed. Try turning your upper body first, head, then legs.Or legs, head, upper body. Get the picture? Switch um up, then try to make your own. And one last thing, watch robocop1 and he does the headturns.

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